Zencart Template Installation Instructions

Upload the Template Files to your server

1. Download the template files and unzip on your local computer . If you need assistance with unarchiving the files, view a tutorial of how to use 7-zip software here.

2. Using FTP software, upload the template files from your local computer to your web server . Make sure to upload your files to the directory where your shopping cart files are located. If you do not have a preferred FTP software, we suggest using filezilla . A tutorial of how to use filezilla here .

3. If you added a Database Table Prefix on your database during zencart install, you need to edit the ZCM01XXXXX.sql file located in includes/templates/ZCM01XXXXX. Edit the sql file by adding the table prefix in front of the text 'layout_boxes'.

Enable the Template in Your Store Admin

1. Log in to your store admin.

2. Go to the template selection page .

Click on Tools
Click on Template Selection

3. Add the template to your site for your default language.

Click on new language

4. Select the new template from the list .

Pick the new template
Pick language
Click on insert button to complete